Are your ancestor's disappearing?

Old photos fading? Videocassette tapes wearing out? It's unthinkable that those precious memories may be lost forever! Why not convert your family's legacy to durable DVD's. We can put photos and VHS tapes to an easily storable quality medium at a low cost.

At Bratt Marketing we believe one's memories are important and look forward to working with you to help preserve your family's history. To get started, please click the button below or call us at (208) 542-0578.

Why DVD?

The average life of a DVD is around 75 to 100 years compared to VHS that is only 25.

DVD's images and video can be stored on hard drives and other devices for additional backup.

DVD's are less susceptible to wear damage.

DVD can store more video at a much higher quality.

DVD audio and video are a higher quality than that of a VHS.